Tentative 2016 Schedule



Hello all! Happy New Year! Hoofbeats is excited to kick off a new year and new opportunities. Here is a tentative (mind you, we said tentative) road map of the upcoming seasons.



Jan. 23 Rockbridge Hunt Pony Club Horse Management Clinic

Feb. 9 Board Meeting

Feb. 21 TRAV Education Day

March 7 Horses Come Back To HB

March 12 Volunteer Training Day

April 12 – June 4 First Session

May 10 Board Meeting

May 14 Dressage with a View Invitational Show Team

May 15 Hear the Beat Fund Raiser and Invitational Show Team

June 4 – Aug 5 Last Day of First Session

June 5 Hear the Beat Fund Raiser and Invitational Show Team

June 11 Dinner Theater Garden Party

June 14 Second Session

June 25 Hoofbeats Heroes Run Fund Raiser

August 5 Last Day of Second Session

August 6 Breakfast Club Fun Show

August 16-Oct. 15 Third Session

Sept. 3 Dressage with a View Invitational Show Team

Sept. 4 Hear the Beat Fund Raiser and Invitational Show Team

2015 Awards Banquet

IMG_7342 IMG_7349

All good things must come to a close. We cannot believe it is already the end of the 2015 season. It has been so full of laughter, stories, learning, success, friendship, and development. Thank you to all of the volunteers, staff, horses, riders, and families who made it happen.


Some quick stats for you. In the 2015 season, there were: 

99 riders

50% of riders were adults and 50 % were children, 50% were male and 50% were female

10 horses

10 Barn Rats

21% of riders received scholarships for their lessons

70% of rides met a mental health component

On October 7, Hoofbeats hosted is annual Awards Banquet at the center. Awards were given to a supportive Board of Directors, to riders for Horsemanship, to family members for going above and beyond, to Barn Rats for their dedication, and to volunteers for making this program happen.

In the Superlatives category: Becky Staton received the Volunteer of the Year award, Skyler Lipes received the Junior Volunteer of the Year award, and Alayna Staton received Rider of the Year award.


Awards Banquet – potluck style per usual!


Our fearless director, Carol Branscome, giving out awards.


The barn wouldn’t be the same without these guys.


Beautiful Autumn. Congratulations on your Horsemanship award!


Alayna and Skyler with our Rider and Junior Volunteer of the Year Awards


Alex and Bill enjoying the banquet. Thank you for all your hard work!


Carol and her Superlatives Awards recipients!


Sequoya and her mom Cindy. They received awards in the rider and volunteer categories. Thank you!!

Thank you to the Virginia Horse Center and to all of our riders, volunteers, family members, staff, horses, and community and business partners. As Thanksgiving approaches, you all will certainly be on our hearts. We can’t wait to see you next season! Happy Holidays!


By Jinae Kennedy


TRAV Show 2015


Alanna and Harry with all their bling.


Getting ready to ride!

Thank you to all of our riders and volunteers who made the annual Therapeutic Riding Association of Virginia show such a success. Our riders took home a lot of blue ribbons. This has been a wonderful season full of growth and fun and friendship.


Cheering on the Hoofbeats team!


Thanks Linda for keeping us warm with endless hot chocolate!!


We were there bright and early on Saturday morning!


Joseph. #winningallthethings #theusual


Our fantastic in-house makeup artist preparing our team for the costume contest. Team Mulan won!


Moms get to have fun and play dress-up too.


We are a community that learns from one another.


Carol and Elizabeth after their amazing costume drill. Check those pony wigs!

Baroque Show

Hoofbeats is a community that seeks the well-being of the entire individual — mentally, physically, and emotionally — explained the announcer to a waiting audience at the Baroque Horse Show on Saturday. To open the show, we have a special treat: the Hoofbeats drill team! The double curtains at the end of the ring parted, through which a proud parade of children, adults, and ponies filed. They lined up on the ring master and and snapped a smart salute.  Music floated across the arena and the team flowed into an elegantly choreographed pattern of circles and serpentines. As the riders exited to the audience’s pantomimed clapping (as not to spook the horses), their smiles shone and their hands fluttered through the air as they waved like royalty.

After the opening drill, the fairy tale show began, featuring beloved characters such as Snow White, Prince Charming, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, and even Yoda and Chewbaca. One of the Hoofbeats riders was not finished playing his part in the show. After riding in the drill, Joseph had to grab his sword and change into the gold laced furs of his Prince Charming costume. Escorted by the Ferries of Merriment, he re-entered the ring with Snow White to dance his part. After this scene, Joseph also had the honor of picking the raffle tickets out of a hat for the winner of the prize Andalusian filly. “I’m so excited, it’s unbelievable,” Joseph said after dancing his part as Prince Charming. He looked every bit like royalty.

“I can’t imagine life without Hoofbeats,” said his mother, Lessley.

The 2015 Baroque horse show is a fundraiser for Hoofbeats.  Thank you to all who participated and contributed!

Waiting for the opening drill to begin.

Waiting for the opening drill to begin.

Joseph as Prince Charming

Joseph as Prince Charming

Loss of a Dear Friend

This is a tribute and a farewell to one of our dear friends, Cathy Simmons, who passed away last week. After she was diagnosed with brain cancer, Cathy came to Hoofbeats to check “ride a horse” off her bucket list. But as they usually do, the horses found a permanent place in her heart. Cathy loved riding and she stayed with the Hoofbeats program for a year. She often brought her grandchildren with her as her grooms. Cathy committed to losing weight last year in order to ride more, and her friends at TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) sent a donation in her name.  Hoofbeats was a very special place for Cathy and she holds a dear spot in all of our hearts. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family. 

Hoofbeats Therapeutic Riding Center

Cathy with her favorite horse Sam, with a ribbon that she won at last year's TRAV show.

Cathy with her favorite horse Sam, with a ribbon that she won at last year’s TRAV show.