Harry’s story is full of second chances. When this stocky Mustang came to Hoofbeats,picked up from a bad sale in West Virginia, he was in desperate need of healthcare and tender affection. He had a myriad of health issues, including parasites, ulcers, and extreme malnutrition.

At Hoofbeats, the riders and volunteers immediately drowned him in love and attention and care. Harry is a true “before” and “after” case. Today he is a healthy, happy team member with a proud and deafening whinny and fluffy coat — unrecognizable from the skinny, sullen horse that limped through the barn doors three years ago.

Because of some chronic health issues, Harry is by far the most expensive horse to keep at Hoofbeats. But Carol Branscome just smiles and without hesitation answers, “Yeah, he’s worth it.”

Harry is an irreplaceable friend. His specialty is teenage boys, teaching them empathy, respect, self-discipline, and partnership.

Perhaps the most precious thing about Harry is the special relationship he has forged with one of our incredible volunteers, Nancy Stout. The two are inseparable.

Some of Harry’s friends are creating a GoFundMe account to help pay for his medical bills. The link will be shared soon on Facebook and Twitter @HoofbeatsTRC if you would like to donate to help this incredible horse.

Harry and his apprentice

Harry and his apprentice

Nancy Loves Harry

Nancy Loves Harry

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